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The importance of animal companionship

Belinda and her dog Tasha

Mon 4th May 2015

A new charity called Our Special Friends ( has been set up in Suffolk to help ensure that vulnerable people can continue to benefit from the companionship of animals when they are encountering difficult times. They are there to help you if you have to make the sad...

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Are you are dreading Mother's Day?

Fri 13th Mar 2015

Is Mother’s Day going to be difficult for you?


Given Mother’s Day has become such a huge commercial operation, it is hard for all of us not to be aware that mothering Sunday is nearly with us.  There are cards in all the shops, special mother’s Day merchandise to buy let alone...

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Bereavement and poetry

Wed 11th Feb 2015

This is my first blog and in future I plan to write about different topics from time to time. For my initial blog I wanted to write about something, that at some time in our lives affects all of us – the very sad and difficult time when someone close...

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