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Christmas can be a hard time for some people

Thu 8th Dec 2016

Christmas is not a joyous and happy time for everyone.  When counselling clients before and after the event, I notice that the whole experience has been a stressful one for many. It is common for people to start their counselling sessions around Christmas, not just because of all the strains...

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Pet bereavement - 'Goodbye old girl'

Dogs develop ritual behaviours and, because Macy had deviated from hers I examined her

Mon 19th Sep 2016

Bruce Fogle was my vet when I lived in London years ago.  He has written many books about cats and dogs.  Here he writes about the premature death of his beautiful Golden Retriever  Macy. 


A few months ago, I posted up an article written by his son Ben Fogle (who you...

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Anxiety is making so many peoples lives a misery..

Wed 15th Jun 2016

It seems to me that anxiety is becoming more prolific year by year.  A recent survey from Cambridge University says young people under the age of 35, women and those with mental health problems are most affected.  That does not mean that men, boys and people of all ages –...

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Exam stress and how to help

Are your children experiencing exam stress?

Wed 1st Jun 2016

Last year I wrote about children and teenagers experiencing exam stress and what could be done to help them.  As it is nearing that time of year again, I thought it might be helpful to repost.


The period of waiting for examination results for both teenagers and parents can be a...

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