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Just because Coronavirus is with us and you might be feeling isolated it doesnt mean there is no one there to listen to you.

Wed 2nd Dec 2020

It is an understatement to say what a hard year this has been for all of us and many people’s mental health has suffered more than usual because of the Coronavirus world we have been living in.

The charity Suffolk Mind carried out surveys before, during and after the first COVID lockdown and found that the number of people susceptible to stress – the crossover point between wellbeing and mental ill health – was up by 46% as a result of the pandemic, while on average wellbeing declined by 11%.

The national charity Mind used to say before the pandemic that one in four people in life would suffer from some form of depression.  Now the Office for National statistics say that during the lock down this summer it could have been up to one in ten.

Going into this latest lockdown the figures have not got any better and people are very anxious about Christmas just round the corner. 

Since March when the pandemic arrived in the UK many people have feared losing their jobs and many have done so, relationships have suffered, finances have been bad for some and there is this general underlying anxiety that everyone seems to have in one form or other. One of the biggest problems has been loneliness.  So many people have been isolated without friends or loved ones around for support and company.

Now might be the time for some people to seek help and talk to a professional counsellor. Talking to a counsellor can help you understand the problems you are going through and help you to work out how to help yourself going forward. 

Talking to a professional is not the same as talking to friends and family because as counsellors we are non-judgemental and here to listen to you 100%. Many of my clients this year, whether I have seen them face-to-face, online or over the phone have found that talking about their worries and anxieties has helped enormously.

Even if counselling is not for you, maybe you know someone in your family or amongst your friends that you feel might benefit from talking to a professional – encourage them to seek help.  Asking for help is the first step to making a better future.