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About my counselling and what to expect

There is no set time for how long therapy lasts – for some it may last a few weeks, while for others it may be months. I prefer it if clients commit to at least six sessions (but you are free to stop at any time).

I believe there is no one single approach to counselling. I trained as an integrative counsellor, meaning I have studied several different therapeutic approaches, which help me to find the best way to work with you.

We will talk about why you feel what you feel and I will help you to understand why that is and how it affects you. If there are areas in your life which you want to change, I will help you to bring about those changes.

I am totally accepting of my clients and allow them to freely express their emotions and feelings – I have empathy and am non-judgemental at all times. Many people feel they are never really listened to and I offer my clients what I call “exquisite listening” – when you are with me I am there for you one hundred percent.

Working in this way enables my clients to come to terms with any negative and sad feelings that may be causing their emotional problems. I help my clients to see themselves as individuals with the power and freedom to bring about change for the good. We will explore exactly what it is you need in your life to make it better.

I work from my home in a warm, secure and comfortable environment where you will have total privacy.

Talking to someone is like a medicine for the mind

Walking and Talking Therapy

Some people find talking in an enclosed space difficult or intimidating so I offer clients the option of Walking and Talking Therapy. A stroll through the beautiful countryside can help people relax, open up and talk about their problems. Research carried out by Mind, the mental health charity shows that, for some people, being in the open air and countryside improves psychological and mental wellbeing.

Perhaps you have already tried traditional counselling and it has not worked. Then Walking and Talking Therapy might be an alternative. I live in the middle of stunning countryside with a network of footpaths. The walks are gentle, not strenuous, but of course it will depend on the weather. If the weather is bad we will have the session indoors.

Telephone Counselling

For those people who for whatever reason find it difficult to attend face to face sessions I offer telephone counselling. This might suit people who find it hard to travel, are too busy to attend sessions or who just prefer talking on the phone.